R8PL8Z.com is committed to providing a safe and entertaining environment to our visitors. We understand that you may have concerns about your privacy and your right to protect your identity. R8PL8Z.com does not collect personal information about the owners of the vehicles pictured on our site. Other than a physical picture of the plates, the actual plates featured on our site can easily be looked up on DMV.org.

We do not display any of the following information in order to protect you:

  • Information about the location of a vehicle pictured on our site other than its state.
  • Information about the owner such as his or her name or address etc. unless provided by the owner to explain the plate.

Moderation & Approval
All submissions on this site are approved by our staff before they are posted on our website. This helps ensure that only plate and vehicle images are posted and that the fore mentioned are not included. Any details submitted to us stated in the fore mentioned items will be removed by our staff.

Photographic Rights
By submitting a photograph to our site, you as the photographer waive any rights you have to the original image and give us the right to use the photo in any manner outside of the fore mentioned privacy protection we instill here.

Removal Requests
If you feel that a photo you have taken has been stolen and submitted by someone else please contact us immediately. Our staff will review your case and remove the photo if we feel this is the case. Email us at r8pl8z@gmail.com

Collection Privacy
R8PL8Z.com does not store any information about you as a visitor unless you give us the information in our submission form which is 100% voluntary. R8PL8Z.com is the sole owner of any information entered through our submission page. We will make every effort to preserve your privacy but, R8PL8Z.com may need to disclose information when required by law. Specific information about you as a visitor may be tracked using analytics and statistics. This may include IP address, referral sources and other common information used in tracking software such as browser type and operating system.

Safety First
Enjoy our site, have fun and be safe when taking your photos! R8PL8Z.com does not encourage the use of a photographic device while operating a moving vehicle. Please use common sense and only photograph other vehicles in a stopped state.

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