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Dodge Viper with Corvette “Z06 KILLER”

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2 responses to "Z06 KLRR"

  1. Roxon1366 says:

    The most pathetic plate on here. A Viper vs a Z06 is like throwin a Ford Pinto out on a Nascar track hoping it’ll keep up.

  2. silver63552 says:

    Actually, that year Viper is not near as fast as the newer C6 Z06 (stock vs. stock). Examples: 0-60…Z06-3.6s, Viper 4.0s; Top Speed…Z06 202mph, Viper 192mph; HP…505hp, Viper 450hp. Vipers, just like Z06s can have performance parts added to them, so maybe it should read “Z06KLLR BCAUSE I ADDED STUFF”. Read up on the performance of Z06s…it’s the 37th fastest car tested by Top Gear…that’s faster than the Gallardo, Mucielago, F430 F1, Zonda C12 and the 997 GT3….the NEW Viper was 112th. Vipers are good cars, but do not have the world class engineerng that Corvettes have.(They’ve been making Vettes longer than vipers).

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